Hello Everyone,
As some of you may have noticed, our storefront is now closed. This was due to a landlord dispute, and is temporary! We are working on finding a new and better location to setup shop, in the meantime, I am still reachable via E-Mail and Phone(soon still transferring 222-1900 to a new phone line). Repairs and orders that were at the shop or expected at the shop at the time of the closing, are still being repaired or dropped off/ Shipped, I am not abandoing anyone's Gear, I will be in contact with everyone shortly. This is a tough time for MI and I hope Everyone Sticks with us when we open up our new location, for the time being, if you need products or repairs, contact me via e-mail and i will come out to you and repair your gear / place orders for you. We do have a webstore opening within a matter of days, so stay tuned, also any of you who do not already have us on facebook, Please take the time to do that now.



M.I. Paintball has been around for a decade. In this time many life friends have been made and new friends are made everyday. Personalities have been formed in front of the counter as well as behind the counter. We treat every customer as if they have been coming in for years even if they are a new face. Either an avid paintballer or a first timer, we take every precaution to make sure you have what you need and know what you need to know. We have never, NEVER handed a gun back to a customer after being brought into repair and said, “Sorry, can’t fix it.” With our extensive knowledge and complete repair kits we know how to get the job done. We also know people and that’s a good thing for the customer – we make damn sure you get on the field with pristine gear and leave our Pro Shop happy.